The accessories are that touch that gives a chic and sophisticated look to the clothes we use, that’s why it’s important to know how to combine them so as not to fall for simplicities or extravagant details. Have you ever noticed that when you dress you lack a “touch” to see you and feel perfect? Well, many times that ‘touch’ are accessories, understood by these earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, scarves, bags and even appliqués for our hair, among others. But watch out! Sometimes it can happen that in the desire to embellish our wardrobe, we exceed the combination of accessories and instead of seeing ourselves very well, we look like a circus clown or on the contrary, we the artisan gemstones do not use them, and we see ourselves opaque and without lifetime.

Fashion Accessories

So, what are you waiting for? Look at 7 capital sins that we can commit when combining accessories, at some point in life, most of us have committed them!

  • Combine Long Necklaces And Earrings

Remember that one of the basic rules in fashion is that less is more! So we must know how to identify the limit of the combinations of accessories that we are going to use. So, if you already have a long necklace on, why are you going to overload it with long earrings? This makes you look very extravagant. Then apply a simple rule: if you wear a long necklace, mix it with small earrings (the smaller the better), if you wear a short necklace, you can risk using longer earrings (but not extremely long, try to make it very subtle).

  • Exceed With The Use Of Animal Print

The fashion of designs of leopards, zebras, and pythons is still valid, and we can see it even in the accessories, but we must be very careful with how to combine this type of pattern. If you are going to put on an animal print necklace, you should not put on the earrings, bracelets, the bag, and even the animal print shoes, Fatal! You’re going to look like a tigress and do not want to give that impression or do you? With a single garment that you choose from this pattern is enough, for this case, if you are going to put a necklace of this model, your clothes should be smooth and sober, never mix animal print with another pattern! You will look too overloaded.

  • Mix Necklaces With A Coloured Blouse

Imagine a fluorescent yellow or fuchsia blouse, which these days is very fashionable, with a long and striking necklace, total error! The blouse, because of its tone, stands alone and does not need to be accompanied by anything else. Wearing accessories with clothes of very bright colours is of care, there are certain types of clothing styles with these tonalities that do lend themselves to wear necklaces, like a short dress to go out in the night to which you can put a small necklace and it would look beautiful. But, if you have a fuchsia blouse on with black pants to go to work, for example, and you put a necklace also fuchsia or black, so combine, it will look very loaded.

  • Use An Eraser Piece As An Earring Pin

Why do they do it? If the reason is that you missed the butterfly with which the earring is held, let me tell you that this is an invalid excuse. Those who commit this sin, believe that nobody will notice but let me tell you girls that this is seen! There are retailers who notice, it is preferable that, if they do not have a pin to fix the earrings, do not use them that day to come out with the piece of eraser, this, although it is recursive too, is an attack on fashion and your health! imagine all the germs that a draft must have.

  • Do Not Wear Accessories When You Dress All In Black

Dressing all in black is very elegant and makes you look more slender and thin, but do not fall into a boring, lifeless and too sober look. When you dress all in black is the perfect opportunity to use that big and colourful necklace, this combination will make you look beautiful and stylish. So you know, unless you see yourself in this tone for a funeral or wake- where it’s understandable-wear a well-lit collar, you’ll look amazing!

  • Make A Mix Of Accessories (Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, And Hair Clips)

Do not abuse the use of accessories, they are beautiful, but well mixed, with 2 or 3 that you wear is enough. But do not make a mix of putting everything you have because instead of causing the impression of looking very chic, you will see yourself with too much adornment.

  • Make Everything Combine

It is no longer necessary that if the belt is red, then the purse, the shoes, and the necklace also have to be red, that style of the princess is ‘out’ for some time. Dare to combine several colours for your accessories, but trying not to exceed and looking for tonalities of the same range, the result is great!

Which of these sins have you committed? Tell us about your experience.