The prospect of tracing jewellery’s historic itinerary derives primarily from the custom, beginning with remotest cultures, of burying the dead with their richest garments and ornaments. Plastic and graphic iconography—painting, sculpture and mosaic also involve abundant testimony to the jewelry worn in various eras. It is possible that primeval humans thought of decorating the body before they thought of making use of anything that could suggest clothing.

Formerly, precious metals were discovered where people who lived along the seashore decorated themselves with a great variety of shells, fishbones, fish teeth, and coloured pebbles. Mostly People who lived inland used ornaments made from materials like animals they had killed for food: reindeer antlers, mammoth tusks, and all types of animal bones. After they had been transformed from their natural state into various elaborate forms, these materials, together with animal skins and bird feathers, provided adequate decoration.
Over the years, the limited jewellery practices of prehistoric times multiplied until they included ornaments for every part of the body. Although for the head there were diadems, crowns, tiaras, combs, hairpins earrings, nose rings, earplugs, and lip rings for the mouth. For the open neck and upper body, there were necklaces, fibulae (the ancient safety pin), brooches, pectorals (breastplates), stomachers, belts, and watch fobs. For the hands, arms and armlets, bracelets and rings were fashioned. Also, for the legs, thighs and feet, the jeweller designed ankle bracelets, thigh bracelets toe rings, and shoe buckles.

Why jewellery is considered to be important?

‘Jewellery is something indulgence. This is something person can live without, but having it means better and attractive presence… maybe better than others’

Dressing with persistence and wearing jewellery that echoes, can provide us the kind of confidence that comes from owning your personality completely. This is a feeling many people hold, each owning small pieces of jewellery which helps people understand and realise the beauty within themselves. Jewellery and women share a deep connection as its value lies not only in the traditions, but also has a great significance in scientific terms. People need to understand the reason behind each jewellery piece adorned by woman as it is deep rooted in science.
The designs in jewellery that people see today doesn’t just have good looks and attraction in them but elegance as well. People often see new and innovative jewellery designs in magazines, television, hoardings and other areas put on by fashion and models celebrities. Therefore, this increasing demand for style and fascination in jewellery is because of a combined effort by marketers, designers and the people who recommend them. Celebrities with their unique sense of style are at the front position of setting fashions in clothing and jewellery. Apart from that, the well-known designers across the globe with their unique and creative designs are also observed by people and followed thereafter. A good point to feel flourish and auspicious. That’s why jewellery will always be in fashion and also in great demand.
Beauty is always subjected to admiration. A look in the past reveals that it was the jewellery that had been radiating this inner beauty by adorning the neck, forehead, ears, hands, waists and feet of both the genders. Even present, the young to middle aged women are crazy about jewellery. Skillful hands mold expensive metals to create magnificent collections of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even fashion jewellery. Therefore, when these creatively curved metals find the right place on a women naturally curved figure, they get their due respect and the woman glows with a change in her body language.

Jewellery has a lot to do with ritual so the designers need to keep in mind the traditional importance of each of the items before deciding a shape for them. Women are generally very selective about the designs, and they tend to put any amount for the one they like most. Thus, where quality plays the dominating role, it is expected that the designers should be meticulous in preparing them.

The changing trend of fashion jewellery over the years:

jewellery trend 2018

Currently, the changing trends of making jewellery not only depend on a diamond, gold, or valuable stones but also platinum to get the shape of jewellery. They also utilise some other light and inexpensive material to make beautiful jewellery. These days, working women are styling themselves with artificial jewellery that has the appearance of the original metals. They feel that these artificial jewellery make them look trendy, smart and of course secure.

An expensive jewellery will always spark its social status and wearing one every day at workplace might not be safe at all. Therefore, those woman who step out of home, apart from socializing, can hunt for a type of jewellery that is cheap but also fashionable. Necklaces and earrings made up of stones, bamboo, wood, ceramics and plastic can be bought in bulks and used every day by matching them with the dress.

Most working women value style over the material, however, surprisingly, jewellery that is made of ceramics, wood, and clay are now gaining popularity. Women are always conscious about their style and this rise of consciousness has been noticed irrespectively of geographical locations. At this stage, the jewellers are making good money by curving their creativity in beautifying these women. A woman adores jewellery. There is hardly any woman who can refuse the attraction of the glittering jewellery. Hence, excellent pieces of fashion jewellery bought from the most reliable source can fulfill her needs and make them smile.

Types of Fashion jewellery: Gemstone jewellery

Gemstone jewellery can bring your appearance to life. With precious gemstones including vibrant rubies, dazzling emeralds and stunning sapphires, People have lots of option to find a piece that they can treasure.
Gemstones and metal jewellery both are beautiful partners for thousands of years. The gemstone cuts have transformed through the centuries, as well as the jewellery design and style. Gemstones adds beauty, value, and color to metal jewellery designs in a unique way that nothing else can.
There are adequately hundreds of different gemstones with more being discovered frequently. Each gemstone has different characteristics, specially the qualities related to durability like hardness, cleavage, and fracture, not all gemstones are suitable for use in jewellery. Some gems are more suitable for gently worn jewellery, such as earrings and pendants, than for jewellery that can receive hard knocks during daily wear, such as bracelets and rings. It’s significant to know a gemstone’s durability and consider it as you are making gemstone jewellery.

Types of Gemstone Jewellery:

Gemstones earrings

Gemstones earrings are one of the most useful fashion jewellery pieces that has a particular gemstone and a unique design that does not go beyond your ear lobes. The best part about gemstone earrings is that they go perfectly with every dress, formal or semi-formal. You can also select the classic stones or pearl studs for the everyday look. Although you can also choose for a small design and wear it with different outfits.

Some examples of common gemstones earrings:

– Silver zircon ear cuff earring

– Sea green, yellow and green earrings

– White purple and feroze long earrings

– Burnt orange and gold cluster wire earrings, etc.

Gemstone necklaces and Malas

trending fashion jewellery

Gemstone also known as expensive stone which eject the beauty of different colors according to the refractive Index, the chemical composition and fracture of the crystal particles.
Gemstones are categorized into groups and species. The group includes Emerald, Aquamarine, red beryl, Heliotrope, Morganite and Goshenite and the species Corundum includes the group of stones called Ruby and sapphire.

Some examples of latest Gemstone necklace or Mala:

Multi-Shape Faceted Gemstone White Gold Necklace

– Sapphire-Pearl Long Necklace

– Pear Shape Ruby -Diamond Necklace

– Viking Knit Amethyst Gemstone Necklace

– Aquamarine Gemstone Linked Gold-Necklace

– Tourmaline Multi Colour Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstones are a great substitute to diamonds when it comes to bracelets. Although, the best thing is to pair gemstones and diamonds to create a look that is mesmerizing and yet inexpensive. Gemstone Bracelets can be used at casual get-togethers and important meetings, helping you stand out simply because of its subtlety and understated style. However, for gift purpose, you can choose a gemstone jewellery piece that is set in the birthstone which makes for the perfect birthday gift jewellery.

Gemstone Bangles

Gemstone Bangles are suitable for women who look for a stylish finish to their collection. The range of colours to the traditional bangle design adds extra exuberance. These bangles are perfect for trendy events. If you are looking for traditional bridal jewellery, gemstone jewellery provides a lot of variety that can be combined and matched with the weddings.

5- The Weight. Real Kilos Vs. Total Kilos And Volume


People have been wearing jewellery for centuries to improve their overall look or to make a statement of status. While fashions come and go, there are still some basic guidelines that are timeless. One of the most important thing to remember is that you need to be aware of what is considered proper apparel for each situation and choose your jewellery accordingly.

Nowadays, everyone is passionate about fashion and we all know that accessorising our outfits with fashion jewellery can take them from boring to one that will get you noticed. Just ensure that the attention you’re getting is positive. The right accessories will enhance your overall look and provide the fashion statement you want to reflect, but if you aren’t careful, you might depreciate your appearance or distract from your wonderful personality.

Many people may say that “less is more,” but it isn’t always correct. There are some times when you want to wear accessories that sparkle and shine; the key is to identify what is the right choice.