Within the organisation of your wedding, all the elements are very important to guarantee your great day. One of them is more attentive for its role in the ceremony and also for the tradition that comes from years, even centuries ago. We talk about wedding rings or rings. The symbol of eternity for the Egyptian rites, which later transferred to other cultures, the rings also represent, thanks to its orifice, an open door for the entry of experiences, events and circumstances for the new spouses. You will be interested to know the 30 unique models of rings and wedding rings.


Choosing UK natural stone ring is not an easy task. But it is not complicated either if you do it carefully and according to 5 steps that we bring here to help you in a practical and simple way;

1. Define the budget
2. Have time to find the model
3. Choose materials and measure
4. Define the style and choose the design
5. Record and customise the ring

1. Define The Budget

The budget is always the starting point in all the decisions of your wedding. In this case, this will be intimately linked with the material chosen, the main circumstance that increases or decreases the price of the ring, due to its purity. Depending on the quality of the materials, the budget varies, as well as with the jewels used that could decorate it, such as diamonds or emeralds, so demanded in many rings and engagement rings.
However, we must also take into account the design of the ring, as there are different shapes, finishes and styles with different values. In this sense, the most innovative jewellers present us with unique designs in which materials, textures and styles are mixed, a task that can also modify the price. It is important that you consider these characteristics to choose your rings very well.

2. Have Time To Find The Model

Perhaps some larger wedding issues take up your time, such as the venue, the catering or the wedding dress, but do not forget that the rings, although they do not need as much advance as the previous examples, should not be neglected.
Jewellers spend, in time, about a month and a half for the manufacture of your design. Therefore, we recommend you to correct problems at least three months in advance if they occur. Previously, you must have defined the design or model, as well as the engraving and the measurements of you and your future husband. You will be interested to know how to keep the wedding rings in perfect condition.
However, something frequent and what happens, in relation to the issue of measures and the time of correction of them, is that if there are irregularities in the rings, these are solved after the wedding. In this way, the desired size is achieved when everything has returned to normal.

3. Choose Materials And Measure

The material is the basis of every ring and around it the complete product is built. The winner among the majority of the couple is usually gold, whether yellow, white or pink and usually 14, 18 or 24 carats, depending on the budget. However, it is convenient to know that the purity of gold is not always an advantage. In fact, the more carat the piece has, the more ductile it will be and, as a consequence, the more chances it will suffer from scratches and deformations.
For those who are not lovers of gold or who cannot afford such material for their ring, silver, platinum and titanium are 3 options increasingly used. All of them have different weight and resistance, platinum being the most durable, but also the heaviest. Surely you want to know the 7 materials to make your wedding rings.
The measurement of the ring is important because it must fit perfectly to the finger, without the piece being too tight and badly from the aesthetic point of view; nor that it is too loose and ends up losing itself. Therefore, to know if it is your size, the alliance should turn on your fingers easily.
However, we have some trick that will help you to hit the measure to avoid unexpected changes. For example, try to go to the first appointment with the jeweller on a very cold or hot day, because the fingers could expand or contract at extreme temperatures and move away from the actual measurement under normal conditions.
Remember also that, due to stress and nerves, you may reach the altar with a few kilos less. So, if the ring stays big on your big day, it is very likely that this is the appropriate measure when everything returns to normal.

4. Define The Style And Choose The Design

Once again, your style is the key when determining the design of the ring. This jewel is an element of union that speaks of you and your partner as independent persons, so it adjusts the design to your tastes.
In the first place, it is convenient to decide the form, since nowadays there are round and square alliances, as well as with a flat or rounded surface. The finish has several possibilities: polishing, satin, ice effect, matte-sand, brush, textured, hammered, Florentine, dotted or enamelled. In jewelry, they will teach you what it is and what each of them looks like. Currently, jewellers have reinvented the design of the rings. These rings have special reliefs, unique inlays, minimalist aesthetics, mixtures of materials, gleam sets. Small works of art to look in that new stage of married. And other jewellers more specialised in weddings, have opened the possibility of personalising alliances for their boyfriends with the style determined by them and all kinds of extravagances. Although it is better to rely on the professionals, it never hurts to add your own stamp to be unique and original. How to keep marriage rings: 5 tips you should follow.
It is also important to remember that, despite what traditions dictate, wedding bands do not have to be equal to each other. Some couples differentiate their rings with a special touch to identify their gender, such as bright and other inlays in the rings of women. However, in these times, the bride and groom are striving more and more to keep their personality intact and show it in all walks of life, also in the rings.

5. Record And Customise The Ring

In the jewellery store where the rings will be made, you should ask for the personalisation of the message of the ring. Because, although almost all usually include the name of both members of the couple, many boyfriends choose to write their nicknames or affectionate names, include a special phrase of both, choose a drawing or rely on creativity and surprise with an unusual message.
With these steps, it will be very easy for you to choose those wedding rings or alliances on the day you will say Yes, I want the love of your life. And we are sure that the brightness of your jewel as well as that of your love will continue to dazzle every experience and every apprenticeship in your new role as spouses.